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MicroBiz Overview

This version of the MicroBiz for Windows works with Windows Windows 7, 8 and 10 Professional 32bit and 64bit. The software does inventory, invoicing, customer tracking, accounts receivable, reordering, purchasing and much more. It also includes a Query module that allows you to export data or design your own reports!

Supported Device List

In order to ensure that your Point of Sale setup works well with our software, it is important to only use devices that have been tested and approved by MicroBiz.

40-Column (small) Receipt Printers:

  • HP A799
  • Epson TMU-200
  • Epson TMU-220PD
  • Epson TM-T20
  • Star TSP 100 ( TSP-100II or Star 143 )
  • Star TSP 650

Barcode Label Printers:

  • TSC TTP-245C Desktop Barcode Printer

  • Zebra TLP 2844

  • NiceLabel 6 Barcode Printing Software

Serial tag printers are not supported. Parallel and USB connections are recommended whenever possible.

LaserJet Printers:

  • Must have drivers for current OS version. If you currently have Windows 10, then the printer manufacturer must have a driver that is compatible with Windows 10.


Inventory Data Collectors:

  • CipherLab 8200 Hand Held Computer

  • Metrologic Optimus SP5500

  • Metrologic Optimus SP5535

  • American Microsystems AM 3000 and AM 5000 Data Collectors

Credit Card Processing:

  • For payment processing options, click here , or call us at 702-749-5353

Magnetic Stripe Readers and PIN pads:

  • MagTek USB HID MSR 21073075
  • Verifone1000se Pinpad
  • MagTek IPad SC
  • Ingenico iSC250
  • Ingenico iPP320

For the complete listing of all supported devices, please see Chapter 1 - Installing MicroBiz.

Contact Information

Sales: 800-929-8324

Our Sales office is available Monday-Friday from 7am-4pm PT.

  • Information about Support Contracts, ordering MicroBiz, obtaining hardware, etc. is available from these numbers.

Technical Support: 800-929-8324

Support is available over the phone Monday-Friday from 7am-4pm PT.

  • Without a current support contract, the call may be billable.

  • If you require product registration, you can contact MicroBiz Technical Support for free to accomplish this.

About This Manual

The MicroBiz 16 User Manual aims to document all features available to the end user. Each chapter covers one subject or category of subjects, and each section details the relevant topics and features therein. Each of the chapters, topics and sections can be identified quickly by their graphical representation on the page:

  • Each chapter is introduced with a large heading as shown here.

  • Each main topic is introduced with the heading as seen under the chapter, i.e. “Contact Information” above.

  • Many main topic titles are taken from the Main Menu names that can be found at the top of the MicroBiz screen.

  • Each topic sub-section is introduced with a title underlined and in bold type.

To give you a visual guide that is easy to follow, images of the MicroBiz program as it would appear on a computer screen (screenshots) are used whenever possible. Each image, as well as many tables, are numbered for reference within each chapter. Also, information that is deemed extra important is displayed in one of two ways:

These warning boxes should be read right away, as they help you prevent making mistakes or otherwise damaging your system.

These note boxes provide information that is deemed especially useful.

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